10 Superfoods for Losing Weight



You can fill your stomach with healthy and nutritious foods that provide control of the hunger pangs and reduce the possibility of overeating. It is proved that low-calorie products are well defined plan for weight loss. Nutritionists recommend your perfect low-calorie products that will saturate, and will get rid of excess weight. Products that everyday should be on your menu:


1. Eggs
They abound in protein that a long time will keep you full. If you eat eggs for breakfast, this routine will reduce your total calorie intake in the next 36 hours. Proteins from the eggs also prevent rapid changes in the level of blood sugar that directly causes reduced need for food.

2. Salad
You can control the calorie intake if you in your diet increase the amount of salad. In this way you will provide the necessary the phyto nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and at the same time you will reduce the calories. Everyday eating various kinds of salad means more vitamin C, E and folic acid.

3. Green tea
It is an excellent source of catechins. It is also an antioxidant that speeds up the metabolism and stimulates fat burning. Drinking everyday green tea will boost your losing weight and will help in fighting against bad cholesterol.

4. Cinnamon
You can add cinnamon in your favorite cereals. You can make natural potion with small amount of cinnamon or you can prepare some low-calorie cookies with cinnamon. Just with ¼ teaspoon daily, it can control the amount of sugar in the blood. This is useful for those who suffer from diabetes type 2.

5. Oranges
One large orange contains 86 calories. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Instead of artificial juices, make your natural orange juice. You will reward your body with natural fibers that are important for weight loss.

6. Pickled cucumbers
Cucumbers contain few calories. They can suppress the hunger. Believe it or not, one jar full of pickles contains only 50 calories.

7. Low-fat cheese
This kind of cheese is rich in calcium, which is very important for the healthy process of burning calories. Half a cup of cheese contains 80 calories. You can combine the low-fat cheese with various salad.

8. Pears
They are an excellent source of fiber. One pear consists of 6 grams of fiber. It will saturate very quickly so that you will not have need from other food. Despite pears, the apples are also recommended. Both of the fruits contain pectin that raises the blood sugar.

9. Water
The best way to lose weight is to drink water. According to one research it is proved that the people who drink two glasses of water before they start to eat, lose 1,8 kg of their weight. If you drink 2,5 liters of water daily, you will spend your energy and burn your calories.

10. Rice biscuits
If you want to reduce your intake calories, decide for these healthy snacks. One biscuit does not contain more than 35 calories, and is an excellent way to kill your hunger.


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