12 Top Exercises To Effectively Shape Your Booty

Both men and women would like to have a perfectly shaped buttock that will make them look better in tight clothes or in their swimsuit. All you need to do are these 12 exercises and you will notice how your buttock becomes more firm and shaped within weeks.

  • Step-ups

You need a platform that is a bit higher than your knees or you can also begin with a lower platform until you get used to the height. First, step on the platform with one foot, raise the body up, and then bring your other leg’s knee up as high as you can before you step back down. For optimal results, hold small weights in both hands.

  • Rear Leg Lifts

Kneel on your forearms and knees and then lift one leg off the floor while pushing the foot toward the ceiling. Afterwards, bring the leg down gradually and then change the leg. If you want to, you can use ankle weights.

  • Bridges

Lie on your back with the feet on the ground and knees pointed upwards. Then, raise the buttock off the floor until only the feet, shoulders, and head touch the floor. Push the hips high as much as you can and squeeze the glutes hard. You can put some weight on the abdominal area while you do the exercise.

  • Deep squats

When you do squats, the best thing is to go as low as you can while you maintain the back straightened. In this way, you ensure maximum activation of the glutes. The stance needs to be wider than shoulder width and remember to keep the spine as straight as possible while you lower yourself down. If you want to, you can hold a weight in front of the chest or you can do one legged squats when the exercise becomes easy. In this way you will improve your flexibility and core strength.

  • Cossack lunges

Begin with the legs apart a bit wider than shoulder-width and then shift the weight to one side as you squat down on that leg. Maintain the other leg straight. When you are in bottom position, point the toes of the straight leg upwards. Repeat the same on the other side and then continue with the alternation.

  • Fire hydrants

Begin in kneeling position and then raise one leg to the side. Keep a 90 degree bend. You can also rotate from the hip by making small circles and then wide swooping circles. This exercise will better the mobility and strengthen all muscles in the buttock area.

  • Hip thrusters

You need to seat on the ground with a bench behind you and a weighted barbell over the pelvis. If you use a pad between the body and the bar you will significantly reduce the amount of discomfort caused by the exercise. Roll the bar so that it is above your hips and lean back against the bench so that the shoulder blades are near the top of it. Afterwards, extend the hips vertically while your weight is supported by the shoulder blades and the feet. Extend as much as you can and then go back to starting position.

  • Horse stance

Stand straight and open a normal stance- a foot or two beyond shoulder-width. Then, squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair. The thighs need to be parallel to the ground and focus on not giving up. Maintain this position as much as you can. Begin with 15-30 seconds and then increase the duration with time.

  • Pile squats

Point the toes outwards and make a wide stance. Bend the knees slowly in the directions of your toes. Stand up once you no longer see your toes.

  • Side leg lifts

Lie on the side, lift one leg up, and then bring it almost all the way down. Then, switch to the other side. This exercises focuses on the smaller leg muscles.

  • Gluteal squeezes

Lie on your back and raise the hips while you tense up the glutes. Hold for a count of 3.

  • Flutter kicks

This exercises focuses mostly on the glutes and the abs so it enables you to tone up your buttock. Lie flat on your back, raise the legs off the ground to 45 degrees and then push one up as you lower the other down. Alternate like this for as long as you can.



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