5 Reasons You Need More Bananas In Your Life

23 Reasons You Need More Bananas In Your Life

If you go bananas for…bananas, we don’t blame you. There was once a time when bananas simply adorned your fruit bowl, or got sliced on top of your cereal. These days there’s a full-on banana craze that has people bedazzling their ‘nanners on Instagram, writing motivational quotes on the peels and creating banana-laden fruit pizzas that truly look like works of art. (Seriously. That ish is bananas.)

Beyond that, it turns out that bananas carry all sorts of mind, body and beauty benefits, from fueling you through a workout, to helping you feel less stressed, to potentially lowering your risk of stroke. Hate the taste? There are plenty of non-food uses, too. Let’s just say, don’t forget to save those peels. (More on that later.)

Without further ado, here are 23 unexpected ways to put bananas to good use. Banana skeptics, prepare to be amazed.

Here’s What Bananas Can Do for Your Body

1. Fuel your workout. Who needs Gatorade? According to one study, bananas provide an even better pre-and mid-workout boost than sports drinks thanks to their antioxidants, fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. You’re one peel away from a more powerful sweat session.

2. Ease your muscle cramps. Nobody likes being sidelined with a killer Charley horse. Incorporating potassium-rich foods (like, say, bananas) into your diet can help soothe achy muscles and maybe even prevent you from cramping up in the first place.

3. Stave off hunger. Why eat a 100-calorie pack when you can indulge in a banana? The calories in a banana only total about 105 — plus, here’s why it makes a great before-bed snack, too.

4. Decrease risk of stroke. Reality check: Women who eat potassium-rich foods may be less likely to die from a stroke compared to women who don’t eat as many foods rich in this nutrient, according to a 2014 study. Could a banana a day keep the doctor away?

5. Beautify your hair. We’re not saying you should ­ditch your blow dryer and rely on bananas for your next great hair day — but this hack might be worth a try. When mashed and applied like a conditioner, bananas also reportedly soften hair and preserve its elasticity. Test it for yourself with this Banana and Almond Oil Hair Mask.

Adapted from: dailyburn


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