87-Year-Old Couple Forced To Leave Their Home For Good, But Son Refuses To Send Them To A Facility

Most people would have understood if Schon Miller decided to send his parents to an elderly care facility. They are both 87 years of age and need assistance with common daily tasks.

His father, George, is experiencing a significant loss of memory. His mother, Bonnie, has trouble standing due to the weakness in her legs.

It has been the dream of Schon’s parents to spend their last days together for quite some time. However, spending this time in a retirement home was not part of the dream.

There are many great retirement homes that provide residents with the best care possible. However, there are others where residents are routinely mistreated by staff members.

One example of this mistreatment took place at a nursing home in Liverpool, England known as Hillside Care Home. Three staff members at Hillside received suspensions for filming a semi-nude man and making fun of him.

Schon would never resign himself to a situation that exposed his parents to potential mistreatment. Instead, he and his wife Jeannie went to work fixing up the basement for them.

The space was being used as an entertainment room and was furnished with a pool table, various musical instruments, and an area to perform Karaoke. However, priorities changed for Schon after his mother fell and broke her shoulder. He emptied the room of its contents and reconfigured the space to fit the needs of George and Bonnie.

When Bonnie first saw the space she would now share with her husband, she was caught totally off guard. She could not avoid the tears that fell from her eyes.

Jeanine documented the moment and the clip shows the comfortable home that Schon’s parents will now enjoy. The basement now contains a fully furnished living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

As great as this story is a repo man by the name of Jim Ford shows us that the old person in question does not have to be a parent of an individual for them to do a good deed.

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Jim was sent to a home to repossess a car just before Thanksgiving. But when the elderly couple, Stan and Pat Kipping, explained they were unable to meet their car note responsibilities because they have to pay for their medications, he felt compelled to do something.

Jim paid the remainder of what the couple owed on the car so that it could be returned to them.

Were you impressed with the gesture made by Schon and Jim? Pass this article along to your friends and family to let them know you’ll always be there for them!


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