Aldi Is Adding New Healthy Foods and Ready-to-Eat Items to Stores Nationwide

Coming soon to an ALDI near you. 

Aldi’s near-exclusive use of private-label brands has earned this German-based supermarket a reputation as one of the cheapest options for home shoppers. But now Aldi is expanding their lineup to include more healthy foods.

The budget-friendly chain will soon be bringing freshly spiralized veggie noodles, a new line of kombucha drinks, gluten-free breads and bagels, frozen kale and quinoa burgers, and a whole section of certified organic meats to all of their U.S. stores. They are also remodeling current stores to make room for convenient ready-to-eat items—like fresh salads and sliced fruits.

Aldi shoppers will see a 20-percent increase of fresh ingredients and ready-to-eat options, with new products being slowly rolled out to all 1,800 stores currently open by the end of January 2019. The focus on health is just one aspect of Aldi’s growth plan over the next few years, as the retailer plans to remodel and expand its store count to 2,500 by the end of 2022.

The retailer has invited Cooking Light to visit their headquarters in Illinois, to view firsthand some of the store changes and taste products soon to be on sale. We’ll update this story with photos and more information in a few days.

In the meantime, here are some of the new items Aldi is planning to unveil:

Vegetarian and Vegan Foods

Aldi shoppers are familiar with the Earth Grown line of frozen plant-based products, but the company is expanding the line to include vegan chicken tenders and patties as well as kale and quinoa veggie burgers. As Aldi focuses on introducing meal starters like microwavable quinoa bowls and canned pasta sauce, you can also expect to see meatless sausages and hot dogs, as well.

Courtesy of ALDI USA

Organic Meats

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Aldi Supermarket

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In the past, Aldi’s selection of meats and poultry have sometimes been slim to the point of criticism, but new organic offerings are on the way, including ready-to-cook items like marinated cilantro and lime chicken breasts.

More Produce

Aldi Produce Aisle

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