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I have three favorite potato salads from this site but decided to try this one to start the  summer. We loved it and made minimal changes. To make this quickly – first start cooking the eggs – then take out the large bowl that you will be using to serve – I peel and dice the potatoes and rinsed them in that bowl to get out starch – put potatoes in cold water and bring to boil – then lower heat to a slow boil and cook approx. 10 to 15 min. Your eggs will probably be finised by then so cool them down with cold water. Then mix all the ingredients for dressing in the bowl – add the chopped eggs and by then your potatoes are probably ready to add. Very little clean up and no waiting time for things to be done – I added a tablespoon of ground mustard to dressing and only used 2 eggs but that is just a preference. I thought this turned out great and it was fast.

Amazing! I add 2-3 tsp dill, parsley, 2-3 tsp of spicy mustard and an extra egg and paprika for the top. i also mix all the spices and mayo in a small bowl, minimizing the mixing of the potatoes. Great recipe. The inlaws (in sweden) are in love with this and have asked for the recipe! thanks a bunch!!

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