Reviews about the recipe:

“I can’t believe it! This is my Dad’s scalloped potatoes recipe. He died when I was 11, (I’m 58 now) but one of my fondest memories as a little girl was sitting at our kitchen table together and him teaching me how to make this recipe. No measurements were used, just peeling and slicing the potatoes and onions and layering in the casserole dish with sprinkled-on flour, small pats of butter, salt and pepper (on each layer), then pouring milk on top just until it peeked through the potatoes at the top. Sometimes he put pork chops on top before baking. Best scalloped potato recipe ever! (Miss you Dad).”

“I used to sprinkle the four on each layer but now I put couple spoons of butter or margarine in a pot and add about 3 tablespoons of flour and melt together,then pour a little milk at a time to the thickness you desire remembering that it will get thicker as it cooks. I also put some cheese of choice in with the sauce and then layer the potatoes with onions and salt and add the sauce. It comes out the same each time.”

“I grew up eating scalloped potatoes this way and I’ve tried lots and lots of other recipes for scalloped potatoes and always come back to this. They bring back such good memories. If I have ham I put ham in also for a complete meal and just add a vegetable. This is the way scalloped potatoes are meant to be!”

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