Comedian Howie Mandel comes home to find his mansion covered in 4,000 rolls of toilet paper

Professional prankster and famed YouTube personality Roman Atwood is known for his elaborate scheming

. We’ve seen him fill his living room with hundreds of plastic balls and turn his home into a surprise playground.

We’ve also seen him prank everyone from his grandmother to his wife. But in the following video, Roman’s victim is a beloved Hollywood star.

In 2015, Roman decided to mess with comedian and America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, who lives in a mansion inside a gated community in Los Angeles.

Roman enlisted the help of his wife, friends and Howie’s own son. For two hours, the group proceeded to launch rolls of toilet paper onto the roof and all over Howie’s giant abode.

But it’s the amount of toilet paper used in the prank, and its resulting effect, that is so unbelievable.

Roman brought with him 4,000 rolls of toilet paper. “It’s probably too much, but I always like to have way too much than way too little,” he said. “If you wanna see someone’s jaw drop, we need way more.”

I must admit, I had no idea if Howie would be furious when he finally arrived home. Sure, he’s known for his sense of humor — but we’re talking about his beloved house here!



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