Deaf hiker falls 700 feet down mountain, but when rescuers finally find her, she isn’t alone

When deaf Amelia Milling fell 700-feet down a mountain, she was in a bad way. As she sat cradling her injured leg, a white wolf emerged in the distance and she feared the worst.

But when the wolf approached, her fears evaporated as she realized he was here to help her.

21-year-old Amelia Milling is fearless. She is a seasoned pro at hiking and one of her favorite pastimes is going off hiking by herself, exploring new places.

However, when she set out on a hike in Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park, Alaska, she had no idea that this was going to become an experience like no other.

Amelia was 4 miles into her hike when disaster struck. One of her trekking poles suddenly snapped and she began to lose her balance.

Amelia fell 300-feet down the side of the snowy mountain, hitting a large boulder on the way. She slid a further 300 to 400 feet before hitting the ground.

After such an intense fall, it was miraculous that Amelia had survived. Remarkably, she had only injured her leg in the fall.

As she inspected her injuries, she noticed a white figure emerging in the distance. Beginning to panic, she saw a white wolf approaching her.

As the ‘white wolf’ drew closer, she realized what it really was. It was a beautiful white husky with a collar around its neck.

Relieved, she expected to see an owner follow close behind, but nobody came. When nobody followed, she realized that this dog was here to help her of its own accord.

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Reading the collar, she discovered the white husky’s name was ‘Nanook’ and she began to set to work getting back to safety with Nanook by her side.

The pair started back on the hiking trail and eventually set up camp for the night. Amelia would eventually learn that Nanook is a trail-dog, specifically trained to help lost hikers find their way back home.

The next day, the new-found friends continued on their journey and eventually came up to a river. To get back to the trail they would have to cross so Amelia took a step into the water.

At that moment, the strong river current pulled her down and dragged her under. With an injured leg, things weren’t looking good for Amelia.

Brave Nanook immediately leaped to the rescue, biting hold of her backpack and pulling her out of the water to safety.

Feezing and with over 24 hours having passed since her fall, Amelia knew that she was in trouble. It was time to use her SPOT beacon (a GPS device that alerts rescuers of her location).

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