Guinness Corned Beef: A Meal Fit For A King

I can always remember my mother making corned beef and cabbage for dinner on st. Patrick’s Day. No, we weren’t Irish, but we loved this meal. My grandparents loved it too so mom would always make them a batch.

The meat and cabbage always smelled so good! I think that’s why I was never turned off by cabbage. Most kids don’t like it but as a child, I loved it! Must have been my German, Polish, and Hungarian heritage.

Mom was always making stuff with cabbage and so was my grandma. In fact, she used to make this “diet soup” that she would eat for days in hopes of losing a few pounds. I think she just liked the way it tasted haha!

Anyway, this corned beef and cabbage recipe is super simple to make and will leave your tummy full. I enjoy making this meal not only on St. patty’s Day but at any time of the year because it’s so flavorful and yummy. I think you and your family will really enjoy this! 

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