He Snapped A Photo Of ‘Skin And Bones’ Homeless Man, Didn’t Expect Brother To See It Online

The internet refused to allow this story to end here. Amy Renae Smith was not acquainted with the family but wanted very much to help. She set up a page on Facebook so people could share any details they had as well as any tips. It took a lot of work from many caring individuals, but Johnny was found and reunited with his brother on September 25th.

Smith added a post to the Facebook page that the brothers have been reunited and the story had the happy ending everyone was hoping for. She said Johnny Rhoades now has two meals, a pair of clean clothes, a hot shower, a king-sized bed, a quiet room to himself, cable, a microwave, a fridge, leftovers and a Pepsi. He is resting and he is safe.

You were probably touched by this story because it showed the good in this world. You can touch the people in your life just by asking them to take a look and leaving your opinion and any comment you may have.

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