Here’s Why Putting a Winter Coat on a Baby Before Putting Them in a Car Seat is So Dangerous

You know what goes together like sardines and cupcakes? Car seats and puffy coats. Fall is here and winter is coming, so let’s talk about why this combo isn’t ideal for riding in the cold.

We’re used to bundling up for cold weather when stepping outside and into our cars, but car seat safety experts are warning parents to do otherwise. While some of you may already experience difficulty when buckling the kiddos up in bulky outerwear, there’s also a safety concern.

The American Academy of Pediatrics cites the fact that winter coats create too much slack under the car seat’s harness. It feels snug when you strap them in, but there’s actually a gap between your child’s body and the harness that’s buffered by the coat. The puffier the coat, the higher the risk.


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