Kirk Dougles, 101, and wife Anne Buydens, 99, are still inseparable after 64 years of marriage

Few Hollywood couples have ever had a relationship as enduring as Kirk and Anne’s.

And after 64 years of happy marriage, Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Buydens are still inseparable.

The pair, who have a combined age of 200, were recently spotted enjoying a day out in Los Angeles.

The adorable couple, who are 101 and 99 respectively, were side-by-side while taken through Beverly Hills, California, in wheelchairs on Friday afternoon.

Together, they were constantly within arms reach as two carers steered them along.

Hollywood star Douglas has been married to the former actress and producer since 1954, a year before he starred in the film Lust for Life as the artist Vincent van Gogh.

The couple are rarely seen apart in their late years and are already planning a celebration for Kirk’s 102nd birthday in December.

There may even be a chance that he’ll take to the dancefloor.

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