Officer Feels Uneasy After Stopping Teen On Street Then Gets Call From Mother Saying “You Need To Take Him”

When Officer Brandon Sheffert saw a teenage boy sprinting down a busy Peoria, Arizona street, he knew something was up. Officer Sheffert and his partner followed the boy, eventually catching up to him in a parking lot.

Anthony Schultz, the 16-year-old sprinter, claimed he was trying to get in shape for his wrestling team. As told by CNN, The officers had no reason to believe otherwise, but Officer Sheffert felt like Anthony was holding something back.

Officer Sheffert asked the teen about his interests and what he wanted to do when he grew up. Anthony Schultz seemed surprised; it was as if nobody had ever taken an interest in him before. Officer Sheffert could tell the boy wanted to open up to him about something, but he knew he couldn’t force it. The officers left, and Anthony finished his run.

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