Sisters both give birth to twins on the same day only to have family find out truth of the story

After five years of struggling to conceive their own child, Annie Johnson and her husband, Joby, knew that they needed to get help! That’s when Annie’s older sister, Chrissy, gave them an offer that made their jaws drop.

But her offer wasn’t the last of the incredible surprises headed their way.

With two young boys of her own and no major complications during either birth, it was clear Chrissy was able to carry children successfully.

So as she watched her baby sister struggle to conceive a child of her own for half a decade, her heart broke.

Chrissy told Daily Mail UK that no one should have to deal with anything like that, especially her sister.

“It was heartbreaking. When they started having problems getting pregnant it was devastating to watch.”

That’s when a bright idea popped into her head. She approached Annie with a proposal: she would be their surrogate if they wanted to give it one more try.

After the initial shock of what her sister suggested wore off, Annie and Joby agreed happily, and the process began.

Doctors implanted two embryos in Chrissy – and since Annie was on the same cycle, doctor placed two embryos in her as well, just to give it one last shot.

Soon both sister started to feel the symptoms of being pregnant. They couldn’t believe it! Annie told Daily Mail UK what the doctors found inside her womb at their first ultrasound together.

“They found one in me and then they moved over and saw another little sac with another flickering heartbeat, and we knew that we still had Chrissy left to go.”

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Sure enough, Chrissy was pregnant with twins as well. After five years of failing to get pregnant at all, now the Johnsons were expecting four children!

As if things weren’t crazy enough, both Chrissy and Annie went into labor on the exact same day!

Since they both opted for c-section surgeries, Chrissy decided to give birth first so her sister could watch the birth of her two twin boys, Charlie and Tommy. Moments late, Annie welcomed her twin girls, Gracie and Haddie into the world.

Annie told Daily Mail UK how overwhelmingly exciting the births of their children had been for the entire family.

“Trying to get at least one baby, we are just so excited to take all four of them home and they’re all healthy.”

Even though it’s going to busy hectic raising “quadruplets” over the next few years, they wouldn’t change a thing!

Learn more about Chrissie and Annie’s births in the video below!

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