Success story of Fiona Duggan before and after she lost 10 stone with Weightwatchers!


Pictured is Fiona Duggan from Killean, before and after she lost 10 stone with Weightwatchers! Here is her story.

Four years on and who would have guessed I could feel so good? Certaintly not me!!!




I felt so miserable, I was so overweight and had absolutely no confidence. I didn’t want to go anywhere as I felt everyone was staring at me. I hated looking at myself in the mirror.

My sister was getting married in Sept 2008, and I was asked to be bridesmaid, I thought that would be all the incentive to lose the weight I would need, how wrong I was! I tried dieting in the lead up to the wedding, but the weight  just would not shift. I would try walking with my husband, but because I was so unfit, my legs and back would ache and I would become out of breath. I would end up crying and want to return home.  I  went to the doctor thinking maybe there was a medical reason I was so overweight, I had blood tests but they were all clear. However I had certain health issues that were definitely associated with my weight.


I was so unhappy about my weight that I made the heartbreaking decision that I couldn’t be bridesmaid for my sister, I was just too unhappy with myself.  The wedding came and I was so upset with myself for letting my sister down.

This was the turning point, I decided enough was enough and I had to do something.

Even though I was very determined, I still felt too overweight to attend a meeting, so I started making some changes myself. Gradually I started to see a difference in myself.

When I had lost some weight, I felt more confident, so I joined my local Weightwatchers meeting. I loved the then Points system, I felt I was able to eat what I want, but in moderation. I loved the control which tracking my food gave me, for once I was in charge. The main thing I learned was that even if I did over-indulge, I could just start again, and that’s what I did.

Over the 4 years, I continued going to class as often as I could, and even if there were  times when I couldn’t make it, I continued following the points plan and then the fantastic Propoints plan.

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I reached my goal weight in October 2012, and what a feeling that was. I have gone to different Weightwatchers classes over the time it took me to lose weight, including to Deirdre in Newry and Catherine in Forkhill, and they were all brilliant. I always  felt that the support I got from other members and the leader, really helped me to succeed. I think my leader Catherine was as happy as I was the night I reached my goal weight!


I now feel absolutely fantastic. I feel fit and well. I love going for walks and am never off the road! I love when people comment and praise me on how well I look.


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