Success story of Fiona Duggan before and after she lost 10 stone with Weightwatchers!

Joining Weightwatchers and losing weight has totally changed my life. I feel energetic, confident, alive and young!! With my new-found confidence, I am now up for any social occasion. Shopping is now a pleasure, whereas before I lost weight, I would often end up crying when shopping, now I love it!

Weightwatchers has changed my life and the life of my family. I have an 11 year old son, who I now have the energy to play with in the garden or on his bike. We are a healthier, happier family. We eat  much healthier, lots of fruit, veg and home-cooked meals, rather than me being too tired and getting takeaway food.

I still love my treats, and look forward to them, and the Weightwatchers Propoints plan allow for these with the weekly allowance.

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I also still attend my weekly meeting, which I can do free as a gold member. I love the support and banter at the meeting.

I have now lost just over 10 stone!! 3 stone on my own and then 7 stone with Weightwatchers.It has  taken me  4 years to get here, with my own hard work, and the help and support of Weightwatchers. But you know what, the weight has stayed off, and it’s going to stay off!!

Thank you Weightwatchers, you  have changed my life. x


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