Woman Is Repeatedly Stopped By Same Cop Finally Their Showdown Goes Viral

Don’t you hate it when you are pulled over by a police officer? All those boring procedures of explaining yourself and having your licence and registration at hand so that you don’t get a ticket can ruin your day.

Now imagine being pulled over by the same cop over and over again. That must be really frustrating, I guess. Well, that’s exactly what happened to this lady who found herself in the mercy of this police officer who kept bugging her whenever he would notice her car on the road.

Now she has her camera rolling and what she caught on tape is a proof that she’s been stopped for an unusual reason.

The video starts with the lady noticing the flashing lights of the police vehicle signaling her to stop. Clearly annoyed by what’s coming she says, “Well ya’ll, I just got pulled over.”

Now everyone is eager to understand what is the reason for her being pulled over so many times. But, no one could guess how this unusual encounter will end.

By the expressions she makes, we make assumptions that she knows exactly what she does wrong and what’s the reason behind the officer’s decision to check on her again.

Once the cop approaches near her vehicle she rolls the car window down and he asks for her license and registration.

However, she believes he has gone too far pulling her over so many times and refuses to hand in the documents. She then tells him what she really thinks about the whole this thing that’s going on for days.

The officer’s response to her attitude is not what we expect it to be. What they say to each other will blow you away.

This video was viewed over two million times, and one never gets tired of watching it again and again and the reason why will shock you.

Take a look at the video and see how it takes an unexpected turn.



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