Your Two-Week Weight Loss Challenge for Weight Watchers

DAY 7. Your first week is done and hasn’t it been delicious?! More goodness to come today! You’ll start the morning with Mini Cinnamon Rolls, snack on stir fried veggies, bite into a gooey Monte Cristo for lunch and finish off a take-out inspired dinner of Lemon Chicken. With a chocolate cupcake to finish off this 18-point day, this menu may become a try-again favorite!

DAY 8. Comfort food for breakfast is a great way to kick off any day! Homemade Potato Latkes make a delicious morning meal. We suggest serving them with wilted spinach and a poached egg for extra protein. Spoon into a bowl of our incredible Cabbage Soup at snack time, then a Pasta Salad for lunch, Oven-Fried Fish for dinner and fudge (yes, fudge!) for dessert today.

DAY 9. With everything from Oatmeal Apple Muffins to Cheese Souffle and Cube Steak on today’s menu, chances are you’ll forget your counting points. Everything is so delicious! Don’t worry though, we’ve calculated the numbers for you 😉

Day 10. With a hearty Farmers Breakfast Casserole and indulgent Pita Pizza both on today’s menu for breakfast and dinner, you may worry that you’ll have to skip lunch to keep your points in check. Not so! We’ve scheduled in a 0 point snack so good you won’t want to miss it, and a 2-point lunch that will have you happy it’s time to eat!

Day 11. Sweet Corn Cakes, Chicken Salad, Baked Pasta and Marshmallow Crispy Bars. Sound like a menu you’ll have to eat another time? Not with these recipes! Today’s menu is all about enjoying your favorite flavors, while adding just 19 points to your food journal.

DAY 12. Any day that starts with chocolate is guaranteed to be a good one! Make your morning sweeter than ever with our 3-point chocolate smoothie, then dive into a day full of incredibly flavorful foods. Our Honey Glazed Wasabi Salmon will make you feel like you’re eating at a high end restaurant and the Cookies and Cream Tortoni for dessert is guaranteed to be an instant favorite!

DAY 13. You’re almost there! 13 days of healthy eating and you don’t even feel scrimped on, right? Today’s menu delivers even more decadent recipes, everyone of which will have you looking forward to every meal. From a French Toast morning to a Mexican Casserole dinner, Day 13 is all about international flavors made deliciously easy.

DAY 14. We’ve saved the best for last! Fill up on 3-point Pumpkin Muffins, pudding BLT wraps and our incredible Cola Chicken recipe. Then give yourself a pat on the back with a bowl of homemade apple crisp. You’ve made it 14 days! Enjoy your 19-point day today, then go back and revisit your favorite menu and keep the healthy eating going into Day 15 and beyond!

recipes adapted from:ktchme

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